The Web is Underconstruction * We are Going to ahead for your online health services and Telemedicines as early as possible * Know more about Arsenicosis+Other Chemical Poisoning into our body Through Food Drinks-Medicine * Take Health Care from us-For more Benefit * Help ARSENICOSSIS-affected Patient for saving you + next Generation---Everyone may affected by ARSENICOSSIS from Food—Drinks-Natural sources & Medicines. Autism is a Natural CHANGE through Chromosome please take care of your Physical-Mental-Spiritual Health properly before/after Marriage. Then No Autistic Child in the World. We can take care of Autistic Children for cure. Obey Health Guideline—Introduce a Disease risk free + long live active Generation world wide by “Total Health Solution” removing ignorance +evilness.

Mother-- Main part of everyone

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Welcome To Our Site

Health Research+

(Humankind-Environment & Next-Generation)





Congratulations to all of you for rebuilding PEACE +Disease-Free World

Come & Share to improve your Physical-Mental+Spiritual Health

including humankind +environment.

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We’re updating our WEB regularly from now

for the greater interest of

Humankind, Environment & next generation

to rebuild PEACE-Truth-Unity-Global friendship-


assuring the Physical-mental & Spiritual Health of

everybody universe-wide at one Platform,

removing all sorts of ignorance-evilness-violation

from+++++based on



Please send your valuable opinion through

our e-mail to serve all of you




Friends Universewide+! Long Live- be happier always with a New Hope from well-wisher of Humankind-Peace-Unity to rebuild a next generation with Asthma RiskFree always with no ancestor based disorders+. Our present Asthma related managements and treatments are so poor to face the same properly instead of palliative results to proper CURE+, though World Health Organisation is trying to their level Best for alternative curative options for the wellness of sound Human Health preservation quickly+ with no Hope till Now.. But "Total Health Solution can strongly declare here for the same to manage properly, as a curative Tools better than so called injurious INHALING options+. I expect ASTHMA shall OUT from major Crisis to simpler one. Now World Health Organisation may feel Free with more expectation from this Newer execution of Human medical services around the world+. I thank all of you again, for attentive eagerness about "Total Health Solution" as a curative option better than ever which everyone expect always in favor of Humankind+Peace etc+. Pls come & share together for facilitating Human wellness always with no personal interest+.


Friends Universewide! Long live- be happier for our next-generation with major Disease Risk-Free Health management through "Total Health Solution donated by the Grace of HIM WHO is in everywhere to everyone focusing Best on us+. AUTISM is an universal natural and chromosomal disruption based genetic diseases carried by everyone more or less in their behavior, Expressions and Humanistic norms for managing daily duties +responsibilities. Now you can manage and regulate the same more confidently with more hope though scientist declare the same unknown and natural game by miracles+++. "Total Health Solution" can make the same easier for next-generation and for them who are exist as a burden Human beings for their families & society+.. Come and share what can we do together for them with new options facilitating wider execution+. Pls inform me the details of Autistic one for facilitation through my fb or web if you feel Free. including for a disease+Autism risk-Free next generation guidelines+. I thank all of you again for your attention and eagerness to the same point of humankind+..


Friends Universewide+! Thanks all of YOU+ wishing your all success always. We're for all- ALL are for us to assure Peace-Unity-Humanism properly everyone to everywhere for facilitating EverBEST with NO Tension and emotional sufferings+++. We're working for UN & WHO Health program to promote everyone's maximum happiness for ALL+++. Malaria and its post infective consequences are very fatal for our everyday Health restoring & a major Health Crisis as first based consideration+. WHO is working day and night so strongly for better management for the same. Now I want to assure all, Malaria is now is under my therapeutic-control in sufferer's fields better than ever with positive results+++ as a curative tools with no side effects in the long run+.. I hope this will help our Humankind to restore their Health+ properly from major fatal diseases like Malaria+its Consequences. Because Malaria affected peoples always low-spirited one to execute and exhibit Human-behavior properly in their duties and responsibilities, including personal maintenance+. As a result, MALARIA and its CONSEQUENCEs based next-generation mean a Disabled and Foolish next-generation who are not fit for catching the rope of Development-Peace-Unity furnished future+++.Thanks again all of you for your attention and eagerness+++ wishing all success+.


Friends globe/universewide! Always be happier with New hope encouraging emotions/thinking which favor Humanism-Peace-Unity everywhere+++. So we're for All- All are for us to rebuild a better environment for heavener than next-generation+++ to avoid present emotional and executive Crisis in the world+++. At present Heart Disease act as epidemic globewide to destroy us +next generations+++. To protect the same- we've no sufficient protection TOOLS+. Bypass surgery of coronary Artery or CABG is a regular routine work of cardiac surgeons+++ But it's so expensive - risky and Life ending technique which suffer always as a rejected person with no duty+++. Now, I declare here with more strength that we can avoid such fatality without surgery when a cardiac specialist find any heart disease +Hypertension,Diabetic, Liver abnormalities and Kidney disorders+++ including any minimum blockage in the HEART+++. Our all cardiac and etc medicines are palliative too curing none.. So no medicines are effective to support our immunity and physico-mental strength properly+++ assuring wellness of totality+++ based on "Total Health Solution". Please go ahead with the prescription of "Total Health Solution" NO Cardiac Surgery needful for the same and above+++. I thank all of you again for your patience & attention in favor of Total Creation+++.


Friends globe/universewide+ long live- be happier always with BEST+++. Colo-rectal Cancer was the cause of death of our A'1 scholar Humayun Ahmed from everyone in the world by so called modern and experimental brutal medical ways which was completely irrepairable in the sphere of knowledge+. Now I declare here no patient will die by the same sufferings and a new hope of therapeutic management is in my hand based on "Total Health Solution" assuring full confidence of recovering+++. pls share what can we do together for the same so better than ever+..... I wish your everything best always+..


Thanks friends globe/universe-wide... I wish your all success in every step of every best+++. Hypertension & Heart Diseases are a Major Health Crisis of Humankind & others in our globe based on Fatality. There are little+Life-long palliative Health management in this sector without any cure+++. But now, "Total Health Solution" can give an effective success of management and proper treatment guide for the same without side effects+++ better than Surgery, SAAOL, Conventional Medicines etc. you may send your problems details to my fb account or / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for proper suggestions if you feel Free as a human being in favor of humankind to facilitate Peace-Unity and Disease risk-free next-generation+++. Thanks again to all of U+++++.


Thanks friends globe/universe-wide... I wish your all successes in every step of each moments. Cancers and Breast cancers are a Major Health Crisis of Humankind & others in our globe based on Fatality. There are little Health management in this sector without any cure+++. But now, "Total Health Solution" can give an effective success of management and proper treatment guide for the same without side effects+++. you may send your problems with details to my fb account or for proper suggestions if you feel Free as a human being in favor of humankind to facilitate Peace-Unity and Disease risk-free next-generation+++. Thanks again to all of U+++++.


Spleen Disorders, enlargement etc. are cured by Medicines without Surgery & costly procedures



Friends- thanks to All globally+. Splenectomy is a common procedure to treat splenomegaly/enlarged spleen.and isn't affordable for all ranks/poors. Babys suffer with enlarged spleen with multi-optional disorders. Their guardian send them to hospital for surgery but get no better results to revive patient's physical & mental health with life long sufferings or death. I want to share all of you worldwide, there is no necessity of spleen disection for splenic disorders if necessary for any health complexities. I'm 100% confirm we can help them to cure who suffer from splenic diseases, without surgical operations through medicine with no health disturbances. I'll share all of you with such case reports as early as possible........ thanks to all++++

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We take food, drinks +other requirements for balancing our body & mind regularly, as per possible. The foods & drinks contain vitamins+minerals more or less. But our daily intake can't balance our total demand of our body & mind. So, our behavior & activities change from a standard rules. For these very causes we works differently as per our interest grown from food-drinks+environment. So we need daily medications to balance +assimilate all food-stuffs properly. We think & want to be happy that we are more well for taking everything as per our whimsical wishes. At last, after a while we feel uneasy & be diseased. Then we astonished, why we have fallen in health problems.


Our body & its assimilation tried to protect us as per immunity created in our body by imbalanced food+other intakes. So everyone should take balanced foods from proper sources. Though we have taken so called rich foods from different sources as per our capacities or availabilities. It doesn't cover the demand of total necessities of our body+mind. So come & share how can we restore our body & mind properly for happiness to appreciate. We must be Health-conscious irrespective of our environment.


So, be careful, to take all sorts of foods, drinks +medicines to restore triple HEALTH. Take safe drinking water also. Avoid Health-hazards food-drinks+environment. Help all environmental living & non-living objects to maintain their existences as per nature. We struggle with environment for our survival. as a result, we need some medicinal assistance to prevent & treat our disadvantages. To protect us, please take proper FOODs-DRINKs+Medicines for avoiding side effects. Every foods, drinks +medicines have some contra-indications to intake, please follow those.


Food-Air-Drinks +environment contain some poisoning naturally. But over doses & under doses of chemical substances in our solid+liquid food-stuffs disfavor our livelihood. Moreover, sound & other reactive radiations in nature always disfavor us also to continue all living theme. Above all, Arsenic+other chemical contamination acts more threat-fully to continue LIFE in the world. So CHEMICAL contamination in everywhere is a world-wide Health problems. Now, we need more forceful Health-consciousness for the greater interest of survival based on "Total Health Solution" for physical-mental+spiritual Health development.


Learn advices one day & follow always, you'll be better Life-long with all.


Arsenic +Other Chemical contamination into our all foods are the delivery-room

of All diseases in our body+mind+spirit, Take care of your 'triple Health' properly.

Women+Girl HealthCare is the most important HealthCare for greater interest of Mankind

& their next Generation.

Try to improve your Physical, Mental +Spiritual Health

based on "Total Health Solution" removing all ignorance +evilness

"No Diseases shall attack you"

You can adopt one or more therapy/treatment to solve the all sorts of Diseases

1. Conventional or allopathic medicines- such as regular Healthcare +medication with more

silent side effects---known +unknown.

2. Homoeopathic medicines : such as fixed time medication upto 6 months +regular Healthcare

with no side effects in future or in the long run.

3. Bio-Chemic Medicines : such as 6 months medication through 6 follow-up +regular Healthcare

with no side effects & 99.9% warranty if you follow Health Rules LIFE-long.

4. Homoeopathy+Bio-chemic: Such as 5 months medication +regular Healthcare for life-long warranty

if you follow the Health-Consciousness rule always.

5. Potentized-Herbal : Such as 6 months medication +regular Healthcare to meet the same

avoiding health-damaging causes regularly, life-long.

6. Food+Nutrient Therapy: Regular Health-Consciousness with balanced food-drinks-medicines to absorb

into your body+mind with regular Personalcare by the advices of DOCTOR.

7. "Health-Membership" for pre-marriage 'Healthcare-Insurance' at Health-Conscious Society


We're indebted to wikipedia for some references of articles including some world-wide thinkers



Please Comment below for any of your health requirements in everyday LIFE

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